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The Chi-Coaster is powerful Chi Energy for any budget
The Chi-Coaster™, used to energize clean water - such as
distilled water or clean water from a reverse osmosis system
is an ideal alternative to all that rather expensive bottled water
and naturally you can also use if to charge yourself and others
beneficial orgone energy.  The frequency of the generator makes it also
an ideal tool to help you in meditative practices such as autogenic training,
affirmations, vision boards, universal consciousness, etc.
What's very important: whenever you decide to test the technology and
enjoy the many benefits of this exciting new life force technology ---
The test is for FREE for week - 7 days !!!
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So you can add beneficial Orgone Energy to water and food for you,
for your family, for your friends ... You can provide them and yourself
with Orgone (Chi, Prana, Mana, life force) continuously,
and you can also help to achieve the healthy growth of flowers, vegetables
and any other plants, you can charge pets and all other animals
with beneficial and healthy orgone,
And all this can be yours for free !!!

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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
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A Gigantic Step into the Future: the Orgone Generators® !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented devices that accumulated life energy from the surroundings.  Mesmer gave life energy the name "animal magnetism" because he correctly recognized a connection with it to magnetism.  Reich called this energy "orgone" and his devices " orgone accumulators."  Life energy, of course, was known to humankind long before Mesmer and Reich's "discoveries,"  and the name given to this energy varied according to language and culture.  The Chinese called it "Chi'"  for the Japanese, life energy was "Ki," in India it was "Prana," in Hawaii it is "mana," and in Europe we find many different words for the same energy. 
In 1991, Karl Hans Welz invented the Orgone Generator®.  This is a device that actually generates life energy, or orgone: In fact, Karl Hans Welz has built the very first generator of life energy, or Orgone Generator® in human history!  Several months later, in 1992, he invented a new material that attracts life energy much better than the Reichian orgone accumulators, which he called orgonite®.  Tens of thousands are actually producing and selling this material, pendants, stickers, etc., and almost all of these copies are well-done.
These path-breaking inventions marked the beginning of a new era in Life Energy Technology. 
You can find very valuable information about this exciting new technology in www.orgonetec.com.

Yes!  Now you can have the best water you have ever had, and there is absolutely no need to purchase expensive plastic-bottled water!  Moreover, what none of the store-bought water bottles can do, you can also charge food and supplements with orgone!
Ideally, you should use either filtered water, distilled water or water from a reverse osmosis system.  You can use your Chi Coaster™ to remove the negative information and at the same time it will saturate this water with healthy orgone energy, i.e. life force, and this will take less than a minute for a glass of water, about 10 minutes for a gallon of water, and most importantly, your First Chi Coaster™ (a printed one - click here) can be yours for FREE !!! -- and ... With these Chi-Coasters you can also charge yourself with beneficial life energy, use it for affirmations, vision boards, or any other method of helping your deepest dreams, intents and desires come into rapid manifestation! 

The Chi-Coasters™ above are similar to the orgone generators of the AO series:  about twice the power of the AO 1100 - while the original coaster (below) was a structural link to a generator in our labs or your own - such as the CC 1200.  Naturally, this new CC-1200 is exciting news for all who are in need of more energy.  Get a TC 99 for transfer or get a couple of individualized laminated chi coasters.

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radionics energy transferThe original Chi-Coaster™ (left) certainly was exciting news for all who are in need of more energy, and this exciting new life force transfer technology has been possible as a result of the characteristics of Orgone energy in general and the power of the Orgone Generator® in particular:  the transfer of Orgone energy at any distance by way of structural links, or structural connections.

This original Chi-Coaster (click here for the free test) has such a structural connection with a powerful Orgone Generator®, either your own in your home or office or one in our labs.  Consequently it secures for you a continuous supply of Orgone Energy with all its benefits!  Therefore Your Chi-Coaster is powerful Orgone energy in your purse or wallet: Orgone energy (Chi) with which you can super-charge water and food with life force wherever you are, be it at home, at a friend's house or in a restaurant!

In fact, with this continuous extra powerful transfer of Orgone energy, you can now have all the energy you need when it comes to charging water or food:  Energy, which makes the water taste better and which. when you drink this water, naturally will energize your body and mind.  Get your free Chi Coaster for one week now, use it, and this exciting experience will be worth more than a thousand words!

As a natural consequence of the invention of the Chi Generator®, Karl Hans Welz was able to explain scientifically any action at a distance or perception at a distance, and this is something that many of the popes of metaphysical cults dislike very very much, perhaps as much as popes of academic "sciences."  Consequently, our understanding of manifestation techniques, ESP, remote viewing, shamanism and miracles will never be the same again, and meanwhile entirely new and very effective technologies have evolved from this new and thorough scientific understanding of life energy, or Chi: technologies, which can have a decisive positive impact on any other existing technology and science.

Click Here for more information about the science of life force technology.

Thanks to this research, the transfer of Chi energy at a distance, which was practiced by humans throughout their history, can now be understood as a scientific fact.  It is the transfer of life energy, or Chi, with the help of identical or equivalent structures: structural links.  Based on this science, Karl Hans Welz created equipment to use life energy for the transfer of signals across the Atlantic(1996).  As expected, no amplification equipment was needed, i.e., life energy transferred with full force even at that distance.  The first transfer tests that you can perform using your Chi-Coaster®, which is a structural connection to a powerful Chi Generator® in our laboratories and the abundant Chi energy that you can receive from this transfer - you can literally taste the results - will speak more than 1000 words, and with this exciting test you can gain the full evidence of this new technology, which is based on ancient wisdom!

Your Chi-Coaster transfers orgone energy, or Chi, from one of the Orgone-Generators® in our laboratories to you!  This supply of continuous Orgone energy to charge water and food will cost you no money, and therefore, with Your Chi-Coaster®, you can now enjoy many of the advantages of a continuous supply of Orgone Energy.

Therefore get your FREE TEST Chi Coaster now, and start to charge food, drinks, supplements, water, etc., with orgone energy wherever you are. 

For personal charging you can also get a free Chi Transfer Test with instructions.

Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator® in 1991 and Orgonite® in 1992. Click here for more information about this extremely powerful new technology, which can mean for you the difference between average results and total success!

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