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HSCTI sells the orgone generator and other devices exclusively for research. After extensive research and many positive results, some academic scientists have already acknowledged radionics and life energy (Chi, orgone, prana, etc.) and yet some didnít. Therefore, acceptance of these concepts and the effectiveness of radionics devices is your personal decision. All references to radionics, life force, etc., in our brochures reflect opinions of users of the EPG and other devices from HSCTI, not the manufacturer. These devices have no therepeutic value at all and should never be used for such purposes. The use of the devices is the full responsibility of the purchaser.

Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator®, Prana Generator® and Orgonite® are trademarks owned by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of these devices and the material, Orgonite®, which attracts and accumulates life force.