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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
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As a natural consequence of the invention of the Orgone Generator®, Karl Hans Welz was able to explain scientifically any action at a distance or perception at a distance.  Consequently, our understanding of manifestation techniques, ESP, remote viewing, shamanism and miracles will never be the same again, and meanwhile entirely new technologies have evolved from this new scientific understanding of life force, Chi or Orgone Energy.

Transfer of Orgone energy at a distance, which was practiced by humans throughout their history, can now be understood as scientific fact.  It is the transfer of life force, or Orgone energy with the help of identical or equivalent structures: structural links.  Based on this science, Karl Hans Welz created equipment to use life force for the transfer of signals across the Atlantic (1996).  As expected, no amplification equipment was needed, i.e., life force transferred with full force even at that distance.  The 48-hour transfer test that you can perform using the structural link of your trial Chi-Card® as a structural link and the energy that you can receive from this transfer will speak more than 1000 words, and you can gain the full evidence of this new technology that is based on ancient wisdom!

Your Chi-Card® transfers Orgone energy from one of the Orgone-Generators® in our laboratories.  This makes your Chi-Card® a very low priced supply of continuous Orgone energy.  With Your Chi-Card you can now enjoy all the advantages of continuous Orgone Energy Transfer.  Therefore it is an excellent tool to get started in the successful use of Orgone energy, or life force.  Within a very short time of introduction, you can have now all the energy you need to ...

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Throughout history, life force has received many names: People of ancient India called it Prana. The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana. The ancient Chinese called it Chi. The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge. The Polynesians called the mysterious life force Mana. They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.
Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator® in 1991 and Orgonite® in 1992. Click here for more information about this extremely powerful new technology, which can mean for you the difference between average results and total success!